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Australia is one of the most stunning and beautiful countries from all around the world. Aside from the natural and manmade wonders that you see, the country also hosts the finest ladies in the adult entertainment business. As you can see, Australia is a liberated continent and is one of the countries that have legalized Escorting.


Thank you for visiting! We proudly bring you the best and top class escorts in Queensland and in Australia. All the girls that you see in the gallery are guaranteed and verified to be genuine working girls. These girls have carefully followed all our verification steps to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.


All the courtesans that you see are highly regarded in Australia and maybe all around the world. There are many porn stars, famous strippers,  lingerie and super models that come here to enjoy the beauty of Australia with the company of their fans and clients. Touring escorts are also available depending on their schedules to tour on Gold Coast.


Every single Private Girl that you see is an independent escort or affiliated with an agency but still opt for our services. Each of the girls have their own rates, requests and means of dealing with their clients. simply offer online marketing spots to host their escorting information for their clients. We maintain a professional relationship with the girls that we have here.

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